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Valoriza Agua certifies its energy management according to AENOR’s ISO 50001 international standard

It certifies that it is a responsible company and that it is committed to the environment and energy efficiency.

February, 13th 2018.- Valoriza Agua has obtained the ISO 50001 certification from Aenor in Energy Management, according to the international standard with a scheme accredited by ENAC, which recognizes Sacyr's subsidiary as a responsible company committed to the environment and energy efficiency.

This certificate encompasses energy management in the activities of the water management cycle including collection, desalination, filtering, storage, distribution, sewerage, purification, reuse, maintenance of drinking water networks, analysis and control of water quality, analytical control of sanitary water with its commercial management, including studies and technical projects and improvements to the infrastructure of the water management cycle.

Sacyr's water concessions and services subsidiary uses a work methodology that leads to the constant streamlining of processes, where a responsible use of energy resources is a priority in terms of optimizing the consumption of said resources and in improving the quality of service to users.

Valoriza Agua is committed to sustainability as a key element in its strategic planning, integrated in the decision-making process and activities of the entire organization. In this sense, it develops its work in compliance with all the regulations that contribute to show such commitment and that enable the company to anticipate regulatory changes and the requirements of administrations and clients, with the ultimate goal of providing a better service, as can be seen in the Carbon Footprint Calculation project of the Valoriza Agua treatment plants to determine the CO2 index of such activities.

Within Sacyr, the ISO 50001 Energy Management standard has a very distinguished track record since different activities in various business lines have such certification.